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    Tools for operatives around the globe.


    The key task of Idan Attila Schmidt Advisors™ is to develop new solutions for the German REVOLVERMÄNNER® brand and other well-known private agencies around the globe. We make sure that our partners are always more than one step ahead of the competition. We work for a safer world, the future of our children and against extremism. Reputation protection is one of our most important fields of research, one that has been become more important than ever since social media products define every walk of our lives and threaten our freedom as well as our privacy. We believe that the new IAS Labs™ are among the most innovative think tanks in the intelligence business. Although the headquarters of IAS Advisors™ and IAS Labs™ have been moved to South America in 2017 for operational reasons, we proudly maintain our IAS Representative Office in Toronto, Canada - the home of our hearts and the most dynamic city in North America.



    We support the academic values of the RAND Corporation.

    So can you.

    Unique in American higher education, the Pardee RAND Graduate School is the nation's largest public policy Ph.D. program and the only program based at an independent public policy research organization - the RAND Corporation. The least you can do is to encourage and support future generations of great analysts and leaders.



    The structure of our German affiliates REVOLVERMÄNNER®

    Our German affiliates, the REVOLVERMÄNNER® GmbH with offices in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt am Main are unique and groundbreaking in many different ways. First and foremost REVOLVERMÄNNER® is the only privately owened intelligence agency in Germany. Secondly it works not only for law firms and companies, but also for every "normal" individual whose reputation has come under attack. Lastly they manage to fulfill all their tasks without breaking the law. In business since 2007, REVOLVERMÄNNER® have proven that they know what they're doing. In Germany their name alone causes aggressors sleepless nights.


    Get your foes under control.

    Idan Attila Schmidt Advisors™


    As independent and politically neutral security consultants, IAS Advisors™ are tasked with regularly advising the heads of companies on all matters relating to internal and external threats in the international arena. Strategic assessment and science-based prognostics are the basis of our work as well as profiling of the classic type. Since 2016 we are close affiliates of the German REVOLVERMÄNNER® brand. We have revivified the brand's high-risk research efforts and established three new IAS Research Lab™ sites in the Americas. Therefore, as of January 2017 Web 3.0 tool development has been the core of our activities. To make a long story short: With our know-how you will prevail and your foes will be socially neutralized.


    The intelligence agency for the private sector

    Our German affiliates REVOLVERMÄNNER® GmbH are using various methods to collect information. The application of intelligence resources and the analysis of the multifaceted raw data generated serve to provide crucial added value. Information is collected by specialists using human sources such as whistle-blowers. This type of operational collection is conducted in an active and targeted manner with the aim of acquiring specific information which can be used for forward or defence operations. REVOLVERMÄNNER® GmbH also uses facts found in the public domain, such as the internet. In terms of quantity, most data processed is collected from open sources. The REVOLVERMÄNNER® USP is having highly specialized experts on board to interpret these data and to transform it into information which can be used for operative purposes, again in a forward or defensive way. Of course our affiliates always operate within the limitations of the local laws, however with excellent results by using the same methods as state-owned intelligence services. They use these tools also to protect your personal and professional reputation.


    • We respect all laws, rules and regulations in our area of operation.
    • We don't accept clients who don't respect the law.
    • We communicate honestly with our clients.
    • We work detached from political influence.
    • We don't work for states or governments.
    • We act truthfully, consistently, and fairly.
    • We strive for excellence.
    • We never give up.


    Values and strategic objectives.

    Your security is invaluable

    Always informed. Always tough. Always safe.


    Idan A. Schmidt has been a security advisor on both sides of the Atlantic since 1999. By ensuring that weaknesses are identified and secured, enemies tracked down and brought to justice, he helps to protect his clients. Since 2016 Idan and his office have been research affiliates of the REVOLVERMÄNNER® as the REVOLVERMÄNNER OF NORTH AMERICA™. Idan A. Schmidt has also become an affiliate consultant of the global leadership board, working together with Global Brand CEO Christian Scherg and IAS Global Head of Strategy, Dr. Alexander Freudig. Idan has the privilege to lead a team of exceptional specialists, including profilers and experts for high-risk psychosocial operations.

    RM Academy & IAS Labs™

    Developing smart tools for a safer future.


    IAS Labs™ and the REVOLVERMÄNNER Academy™ are the most important sites for innovation, new ideas and development efforts within the REVOLVERMÄNNER® brand family as well as for other well-known think tanks. Our unique innovation labs are currently led by Dr. Alexander Freudig (nicknamed "Q", ironically alluding to the James Bond movies), who is an experienced and coldblooded operative. Alexander, born in Brazil with a European background, studied i.a. in Germany, Brazil and in Israel. He joined Idan's team in 2016. From day one Idan's consulting firm has been operating a psychological laboratory which has already brought game-changing results to the non-governmental intelligence community around the globe. Our research is particularly focused on human behavior in a "social media" environment, social engineering, psychological belligerence, and entirely new methods for debunking anonymous attackers on reputation and social status. We are also specialized in non-standard and high-risk experiments in a social media environment. Novel psychological techniques which will help us to protect our clients in the approaching Web 3.0 era are currently also under development. Our researchers are members of APA, CPPA, PA, PV, RAND and other associations.


    Did you know that "REVOLVERMÄNNER" means "THE GUNSLINGERS"?

    Idan A. Schmidt

    Security Advisor. Affiliate of REVOLVERMÄNNER® since 2015.

    Christian Scherg

    Founder and global CEO of the REVOLVERMÄNNER® brand.

    64 CEOs/CFOs/CMOs...

    advised by us.

    120.239 Pages...

    of reports and results.

    48 operatives, affiliates and contractors

    within the group and still growing.

    Dr. Alexander Freudig

    A well respected and coldblooded intelligence specialist.

    Three lab sites...

    in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina.

    Memberships & Fostering

    APA, PA, CPPA & RAND Corp.


    Working together for a safer world.

    Christian Scherg

    Global CEO

    Christian Scherg is the global CEO of the REVOLVERMÄNNER® brand. He is Germany's leading specialist for reputation management, intelligence and psychological warfare. As a frequent guest in talk-shows and news magazines across the country he is well-known expert. Together with his excellent team of outstanding specialists in three units and affiliate labs in the Americas, he is currently working on entirely new strategies for the "Web 3.0" era.

    Alexander Freudig

    Network Coordinator

    Dr. Alexander Freudig, a profiler and psychologist is IAS Advisors™ chief strategist, leading researcher and point of contact for our affiliates; a brilliant tactician, close friend of Christian Scherg and an inexorable man you don't want as your foe. Based in our Toronto office he assists Idan with developing, executing, and sustaining strategic initiatives. Acting as a resource across the IAS organization he increases broad cohesion for strategic plans.


    Yes, the Germans are hiring

    Our constantly growing German affiliate partners are hiring applicants for a number of positions in Frankfurt and the global HQ in the Düsseldorf; including internships for university students. Please check out or affiliate's German website. Excellent German language skills are mandatory and non-negotiable. If you think you would fit well into the German team, just drop a line. It could be the start into an adventure and a challenge you won't find anywhere else.

    The Brand

    A unique firm

    REVOLVERMÄNNER® is the German word for "Gunslingers". It reflects the strength, the clout and the intransigence which make our affiliates the fighters that they are. Just by the way: the two dots on the Ä in their company name is a letter in the German alphabet - ä, like ü, ö and ß. Germans have always been ingenious - and so are we. Or, as our Germans say: Wir begrüßen Sie herzlich und würden gerne Außergewöhnliches für Sie leisten.


    Expertise for the Web 3.0 era - made in our new think tanks in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

    Developing tools for the REVOLVERMÄNNER® brand and various companies.

  • Products developed for various companies

    Proudly developed by IAS Labs™.


    An easy to use monitoring system.

    A tool popular with smaller agencies and freelancers. This state of the art system allows a comprehensive search for service providers on a small budget.


    Monitoring solutions with no limits.

    With this safe and most reliable tool it is possible to filter and gather the most comprehensive information - completely legal in most countries.


    One of the sharpest tools available.

    Only available in certain countries due to local regulations, this product may be the most effective way to get rid of bullies in real life and the internet in a legal way. 


    A precious tool to protect the weakest.

    With the Digital Umbrella Family™ small agencies and private investigators can provide their clients extensive protection. An easy to use tool, reliable and smart.


    Max protection of your client's privacy.

    This unique product uses analog and digital approaches in an overall package to save and protect clients of agencies as well as companies.

    et al.

    ... and many more

    The IAS Labs™ have more products at the development stage. Our lab teams are working hard to develop new services for your client's safety.

  • Products exclusively developed by IAS Labs™ for the REVOLVERMÄNNER® brand

    Made in the Americas. In use worldwide.


    What do other people know about you?


    Our virtual risk analysis.


    The ultimate tool to find out how your enemy thinks.


    A comprehensive approach to protect or rescue your reputation.


    A unique vigilance software that screens social media.


    Relationships, networks and gaining access.


    Educating young talents into reputation fighters.


    The sharpest weapon a privat intelligence agency can use.

    RED ADAIR 24/7™

    A unique counter measure strategy.


    Who knows whom and why?


    A unique analyzing tool for pictures, graphics and copies.

    et al.

    ...and many more.


    Worldwide. For your safety.


    Represented by affiliate Idan Attila Schmidt Advisors™

    5600-100 King St W
    M5X 1C9 Toronto
  • Tribute

    We are politically neutral. However, we value the cultures of the nations we are connected to and owe a debt of gratitude - at least to four countries.

    The real land of the free

    The true north strong and free.

    Canada, its excellent infrastructure and liberal "yes, we can society" is the true land of the free. Here IAS Advisors™ could flourish. Thank you, Canada.

    Idan's cultural heritage

    We all are shaped by our origin.

    Idan is jewish and a patriotic Israeli. Nevertheless, he supports a lasting and fair peace in the Middle East and has good relations with his Arab colleagues.

    Our affiliate's nation

    The mega power in the center of Europe.

    The German federation is the home base of our closest affiliates and allies. A nation with a rich history and century old culture. It's an honor to serve our German partners.

    The powerhouse of the south

    A land of unique opportunities.

    Where other countries see problems, the great nation of Brazil transforms its issues into an envorinment of creative chaos. It is a great place to do research and to shape the future.